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Understanding The Basics

What are the Benefits of Testosterone

  • Mood and Motivation and want to get up and go
  • Better  Sleep
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Weight Loss
  • Improve Libido, and Erectile dysfunction
  • Improve sexual performance
  • Increased insulin sensitivity
  • Increased metabolism
  • Decreased recovery time

Diagnosing & Optimizing Low Testosterone

Testosterone, not all are equal in safety and overall effectiveness. IM injections are considered the gold standard delivery method for most guys. However, some guys prefer to not do injections or just respond better to a different delivery method such as creams. We will work with you to find the optimal delivery method for you

What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

The symptoms of Low Testosterone can impact a man’s life in many ways, causing both mental and physical changes…it’s more than just losing your sex drive and muscle mass, it can impact all of the relationships in your life. Here are the most common symptoms we hear:

  • Irritability/Crabby
  • Low/Poor Sex Drive
  • Weight Gain/Belly Fat
  • Athletic Performance Decline
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Brain Fog/Poor Sleep
  • Poor Mental Focus
  • Muscle Loss
  • Decreased Muscle Strength
  • Joint Pain
  • Lack of Drive/Motivation
  • Lack of energy/constant fatigue (taking afternoon naps on the couch – going to bed early – drinking energy drinks and coffee in the afternoons) How do I know if I have low T?
While having any one of these symptoms by itself is not necessarily an indicator of Low Testosterone, having 3 or more is a good enough reason to get tested.

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Men who should not take testosterone replacement therapy include those who have:

  • An enlarged prostate resulting in urinary symptoms (difficulty starting a urinary stream)
  • A lump on their prostate that has not been evaluated
  • A PSA measurement above 4
  • Breast cancer
  • An elevated hematocrit level (higher-than-normal number of red blood cells)
  • Severe congestive heart failure
  • Obstructive sleep apnea that has not been treated

We teach you how to properly administer their testosterone injections via subcutaneous, intramuscular, or topical creams. Typical injection sites are the gluteal, shoulder, or leg.

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2-4 weeks – Psychological improvement

4-6 weeks – Physical and sexual improvement 

6-12 months results in consistency of well being

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